Formless Storm


The horizon hides, veiled behind pallid grey, and the air clings heavy with moisture. As the sharp wind rises the house groans, bracing for the impending conflict. No shadows remain as the world becomes imbued with gloom. A door slams in the distance. Only the adventurous and the cracked are left outside now as the rain begins. Slow at first. An indifferent droplet here, an impish one there. Then the unrestrained deluge as clouds burst overhead. The sound of the rushing wind quickly becomes muffled by the all-encompassing cacophony of the universe drumming water on every surface.

A slender girl closes her eyes and feels the storm convulse around her. The half-smile never leaves her face as she struggles to stay upright in the chaos. Her red hair lashes wildly about her face and moisture cascades down her pale, saturated skin. A crack of thunder shoots out overhead. She loses herself in the pandemonium. She stops being a creature of thought and instead transforms in to feeling itself. Formless and compliant. Welcoming the life rushing over and through her, vigorously shifting her around. If anyone could see her through the stratum of water, they would notice her smile was now an open expression of transcendence.

Once the storm gradually diminishes, the girl opens her eyes once more. She takes one last look around at her world then heads back inside the house. She never could bear the sight of people emerging from their homes once calm returned. Poking their heads out like frightened house pets, dully blinking in the blinding sun and casting furtive glances at the clear skies. None of them ever truly knowing what it is to be alive.


© 2015, Gavin Zanker.

Photo by mxgirl2014 licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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