Anything Creative

Overflowing bin

It’s easy to get addicted
to starting every little idea
that flits through your brainpan –
to run with it, excited,
scribbling immersed,
following the flow all the way to the heap
where it joins the rest
discarded and unfinished.

But you don’t think about it
at the time,
you just write, draw, and pour it out –
anything creative
just to cope
with the hell around you.
The simple pleasure
of filling a page
with all of it –
to shout a little
and regenerate
a small part of yourself
so you can face the next day.

They used to tell me,
‘There’s always time.’
Well this year I turn forty
and apart from the mole on my back
and the overflowing bin,
I still haven’t created
anything worthwhile.

© 2015, Gavin Zanker.

Photo by Sebastien Wiertz licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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