The Nocturnal Town

Night Street

The night so unbearable
to the comfortable and rich
but home to more life
and more reality
than the daylight hours,
when the unthinking emerge
to crawl in their masses.

On the suburban roads
the animals explore
to the drone of distant motorways,
and in town
the drunks band together
sharing the noise and violence
and pound the world.

The industrial districts
with their suitable quiet –
ready for the nightly crime.
The night shift watch
in their hi-vis jackets
all but invisible
smoking behind fences
and earning a pittance
hidden away in the warehouses.

And the psychotics
wander the canals
lost in themselves
and wake up in the morning
with wet socks
but remember nothing.

© 2015, Gavin Zanker.

Photo by Andrew Kuznetsov licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

4 thoughts on “The Nocturnal Town”

      1. Poetry is a hard sell, as you will no doubt know. Wait until you have a following for your fiction before you publish the poetry collection. I’ll probably do that — also doing a spin-off poetry collection related to one of the novels. This is way in the future… I truly love poetry — mostly reading it.

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