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I’ve hit something of a slump halfway through the second draft of my novel. Every day it’s becoming more of a struggle to load up that word document and edit the words in to something that I don’t hate. I’m not sure why, best guess is that I’m just burned out after spending hours upon hours being so involved with it. I keep finding reasons to do anything other than work on it at the moment. The desire to procrastinate is worryingly stronger than usual.

Today I woke up with good intentions, but my brain decisively declared that my WordPress theme (Zoren, incidentally) was all wrong and needed to be changed immediately lest anyone see it and think I have no taste at all. So after half an hour of browsing themes and finding none that could fully encompass the magnitude of my stellar writing, I returned to my original theme only to find that I had managed to break my widgets and a fair bit of my site’s layout. I was actually quite impressed at how much damage I had done. So I set about fixing it and after much precise fiddling (procrastinating) with colours and headers, I think I made it look half decent again. (Side note: has anyone else noticed the colours in the customiser never match what the site actually displays?)

Happy with the new look, I smugly congratulated myself and trotted off to make myself a celebratory cup of tea. As a bonus it now displays better on mobile without a distorted header image. I suppose if anything then I can at least use that to justify not getting any writing done this afternoon.

Realising I’m not getting much work done at the moment I made a decision. While I usually try to write every day (keep developing the habit, right?) I’ll take a few days off over the weekend and force myself to forget about my novel entirely. Hopefully, after enough whisky, I’ll reset and come back to it with fresh eyes and feel more engaged (once I get over the hangover). Good plan? Great plan.

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4 thoughts on “Second Draft Slump – Widgets and Whisky”

  1. Near enough everyone goes through the procrastination stage. With me it happens when I’m fairly far along with edits — I’ve got one novel I can’t even stand to look at just now (even though I actually like the story). I’ve put it away for over a month, and not given it a look. Sorry, I’m new to your blog — what’s your book about?

    1. I’m getting to that point with my novel now – just really tired of looking at it. It’s taking willpower to not pull out a notepad and rewrite entire scenes rather than edit what I already have. Is it Heartfire that you can’t stand to look at then?

      What’s my book about? I guess I would describe it as post-apocalyptic fiction. It focuses mainly on one man’s story, but it also dips in to a lot of other happenings in the world. I’ll have to figure out a proper synopsis soon and post more details. It’s the first book in a planned trilogy, so even after this book is finished, I’ll still be living inside the world for the next few months as I write the others.

      1. That happens with me too. I sometimes think I get to the proofreading stage too fast, when I should actually be writing another draft. It was the Brilliant Moon book I was referring to – got the urge to re-write the first chapter, or at least the opening.

        Post-apocalyptic – you read The Road? Good luck with the synopsis – I hate writing them, mostly because I don’t have the knack and they stink.

        1. Yeah I enjoyed The Road. I found the writing style quite difficult to get in to, but the bleak atmosphere of the world was a big influence on my writing.

          Thanks – writing synopses are definitely a pain. If you find an interesting way of approaching them let me know.

          Have fun with your rewrites. Just don’t forget to release the book.

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