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I finally got around to setting up my Goodreads account. So if you have any interest in what I’m reading or any of my book reviews (which I’ll gradually start building up over there), that’s now a thing. I also stuck a widget in the sidebar on the right here which should update with what I’m currently reading. Hopefully I’ll remember to keep it up to date.

I read a little about the author program over there, and it seems you need to have published a book before signing up (go figure). So once I release my first book on the Kindle Store, before the end of the year hopefully, I’ll look in to the features over there in more detail.

I also found this archived reddit post, An Author’s Guide to Goodreads. I haven’t had a chance to read through most of it yet, but it looks helpful for anyone looking to setup up on the site.

Side note: as I flicked through the site tagging some of my favourite books, I came to the depressing realisation that all of my favourite authors are now dead.

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3 thoughts on “My Goodreads Account”

  1. An interesting post, Gavin. I’ve been on Goodreads for over a year now, but must confess to not doing much with it. I started off with really good intentions, but other things just got in the way this year. Perhaps I’ll see you over there, although i think your ‘groupd’ will be very different to mine (historical fiction ones). Thank you for the great link to advice on using Goodreads. It’s about time I spent some time over there.

      1. it’s a site you can spend a long time on, if you join in the group discussions. I started participating, and put some book reviews up, but I found myself short of time for my writing as well as WP posts. I suppose I still need to find some sort of balance. Hope you enjoy the site. 🙂

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