National Novel Writing Month Update


I had a great start to National Novel Writing Month, reaching 16k words by day six (10k target) as well as managing to edit multiple chapters of my first book. Being so far ahead, I decided to take a few days off. A decision that had no connection with the new Starcraft expansion releasing. On top of that I decided to spend a long weekend with my girlfriend, and since I have trouble writing without solitude I got zero work done then. As a result I have written the grand sum of nothing on seven days so far this month, and so I inevitably ended up falling way behind schedule.

Writing is a marathon though, not a sprint. Since then I’ve been slowly catching up, writing a little more each day until my brain rolls over and decides I’ve written more than any man should in a day. I finished yesterday at 35k words, so I’m almost back on track now. It does feel a bit rubbish to have started so well and then been busy playing catch-up for so long, but I know I’ll hit my 50k before the end of the month. And when I do I’ll be happier than a Corgi on stilts.

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2 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month Update”

  1. It might be it was ‘meant’ to be like this — and your story will be all the better for it. Sometimes it is good to get away from it for a while and enjoy real life without the writing taking over our brain. I’m bad for neglecting people when I’m writing and have only just managed to get away with it without being dumped. You’re doing the NaNo thing? Never got the attraction, but know many others do. Good luck with the book.

    1. I’ve always found juggling writing with relationships to be difficult. They’re pretty much mutually exclusive in my experience. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that it’s always the lonely alcoholics that make the best writers.

      I’m doing Nano this year for the first time, yeah. I figured I could ride the Nano hype in to a quick first draft of my second book before going back to my first book in December. That way I could also take a break before going back with fresh eyes. Time will tell if it works. Cheers.

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