Favourite Words

Favourite Words

I was re-watching one of my favourite films the other day (Mary and Max) and the obese Jewish/Atheist main character with Asperger’s syndrome listed his favourite-sounding words. (Intrigued? You should definitely check that film out if you haven’t, it’s fantastically depressing).

Do you have a favourite-sounding word? My top-five are “ointment,” “bumblebee,” “Vladivostok,” “banana,” and “testicle.”

– Max Jerry Horovitz

His choices are actually really hard to disagree with. Which got me to thinking, what are my favourite words? If you try to answer that and you’ll probably find yourself stumped for a good while like I was. It’s a tough question just because of the sheer number of words to choose from.

After giving it some thought, I decided upon a short list of  ‘fulcrum,’ ‘vanquish,’ ‘abacus,’ ‘intrepid,’ and ‘pillock.’

Is there a pattern to liking certain words, or is it just a random preference? Who knows. Everyone always has their opinions it seems. Personally, I just think it’s fun to call someone a pillock.

So how about you, do you have any favourite words?

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