A Quiet Week – Gaggles And Genres


I set my draft aside and took a break last week which mostly consisted of catching up with an old friend, drinking lots of whisky, and shooting a gaggle of bad guys. Or maybe a convocation of bad guys. I suppose army would be the most correct term, but any opportunity to insert the word gaggle in to a sentence just makes me happy.

So once I polish out some of the rougher edges, I’ll be sending my draft off to some beta readers at the end of this month. Even if they come back and tell me that the story is a car crash inside of a train wreck, the experience will have been worthwhile if only because it taught me so much. Things about the process and myself that I never would have learned without actually sitting my arse down and writing a book. Thankfully, I’ve never felt too attached to any of my finished work, so I’ll be moving on to the next project without being wounded by