An Absence And A Somewhat Swaggering Return


This place has been a bit of a ghost town lately, so I should probably explain. Last month, after what felt like years of work, I realised the end of my book was actually looming in to view on the horizon. In my desire to finish/never have to look at the bloody thing again, I decided to put aside all distractions and concentrate until it was finally complete. What’s that old proverb…

If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

So with that in mind I slogged through countless nights of editing, proofreading, ripping apart, and piecing my story back together. And it must have worked, because a few days ago I finally finished! Hooray!

In typical British fashion, I celebrated with some tea and biscuits, and also may have had a few measures of whisky. After spending a couple of days smiling like an idiot, I launched in to figuring out how to work the inscrutable open source GIMP to design the cover. (I’ll post what I came up with later in the week, and everyone can tell me what a bad idea it was to do it myself).

I’m walking around with a cautious sense of accomplishment now, though I’m careful not to let my head swell up like a scarf-wearing hipster who carries his typewriter in to Starbucks. I’m already excited to start the next book as soon as I get the ‘stuff’ around this one sorted out – checking the mobi/epub formatting, Kindle and taxes (possibly calling the IRS for an EIN number?), adding the finishing touches to the cover, and so on.

I have loads of ideas for posts on here now I have a bit more time, mainly regarding what I learned and the mistakes I made as I bumbled my way through my first book. So things should get back to normal from now on.

Photo by Christopher licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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