2016 Brandon Sanderson Lectures


Brandon Sanderson, best known for his Mistborn series, teaches a creative writing class at Brigham Young University every year. I stumbled over videos of some of these old lectures, and while the quality of the recordings was hit-and-miss due to having been filmed as a student project, they helped me more than I could probably ever describe. In the course he covers everything about creating fiction, from plot and world building to the business side of publishing.

A couple of weeks ago, Sanderson announced his 2016 lectures on his blog, and this time around they were filmed semi-professionally.

I can’t praise these lectures enough, and would recommend anyone interested in creative writing to go and watch (the guy is a legend for making them available for free). They improved my writing tenfold, to the point where it’s almost embarrassing to imagine how my first novel would have turned out otherwise.

Here’s an embedded video of the first lesson for the perpetually lazy.

Photo by Bill Ruhsam licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

5 thoughts on “2016 Brandon Sanderson Lectures”

  1. Gavin,

    I’m new to WordPress and have just stumbled upon your blog. I am SO THANKFUL that I have.
    First off, congratulations on publishing and continuing to publish! The blog I just recently fired up provides a window into my own writing endeavors, as I am working to write a novel myself! Every post I’ve read here thus far is applicable to that very goal! I know Brandon Sanderson’s name for his work on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (which I highly recommend!) and from the five minutes of lecture that I watched, I can tell that his lecture series will prove incredibly valuable. THANK YOU for sharing. I intend to watch the entire 2016 series. I’m still exploring and I’ve just subscribed, so you’ll see me around.

    ~J.J. Azar

    1. Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you found some of my ramblings on here useful.

      I would recommend those Sanderson lectures to anyone wanting to write, having learned more from them than I care to admit. Also, if you haven’t already heard of the award winning Writing Excuses (a writing podcast also featuring Sanderson) I recommend giving that a look too.

      Good luck with your western-adventure novel, I’ll look forward to following your journey and enjoying some swashbuckling-with-words come the new year. Keep on writing.

      1. Thanks for your support! I truly appreciate it. I’ll be sure to tune into that podcast. Tons of content there so I’ll find a way to fit it in if it catches my fancy! Best of luck with Solace Within and all of your endeavors.

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