Amazon Reviews, World Building, And The Goodreads Author Program


Amazon Reviews

I received a couple of reviews for my book which I released last month, and I was surprised to learn that reviews on don’t show up on, and vice versa. I can’t really understand the reasoning behind the decision, especially since the product (ebook) is identical between regions. After some googling, I found many other authors complaining about the same thing – it’s hard enough to get reviews as a new author, and splitting them between regions just seems to encourage obtaining them in dishonest ways.

Another strange quirk I found is that Amazon treats my book as a different product, written by a different author, for every region it’s available. The result being I need a separate author profile for .com,, and every other region. I asked Amazon about this thinking that it was a bug, and they came back to me explaining that it’s intended behaviour.

Some of Amazon’s systems seem so counter-intuitive and illogical. If anyone wants to shed some light on the reasoning, I’m all ears because I can’t understand it. Anyway, I’ll stop ranting since there’s not a whole lot I can do about it.

World Building Resources

Recently I’ve been enjoying spending some time on the subreddit r/worldbuilding. Some of the artwork and world maps people create are beautiful and, much like the act of world building itself, spending time there can be quickly lead to losing yourself in a bottomless rabbit hole. It puts a smile on my face that there’s a community so unabashedly dedicated to world builder’s disease, and that they’re content creating worlds even if most never intend to write a single word of a story.

Also, if you’re looking for some practical help with your world building, you can check out the ever-helpful Brandon Sanderson in one of his recent lectures on the topic.

Goodreads Author Program

I applied for and set up my author page on Goodreads last week. I linked my blog here on WordPress to sync up with the one over there, but the formatting comes out kinda dodgy. I’ve never really done much on Goodreads, but I’ll have to put some effort in to exploring the Author Program properly. If you have any experience with the platform, feel free to let me know about your experience; have you invested much time over there, and was it worthwhile?

In other news, I updated one of my more popular articles ‘Rogue One: Another Mary Sue?‘ in light of the recently released trailer. Also, the new series of Red Dwarf is coming out next month which I’m super hyped for. (Here’s some top 10 moments to whet your appetite).

Photo by Trevor Clark licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

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