Second Draft And September Playlist

Headphones on Book

Aside from dealing with a leaking bathroom and a broken oven, for the last few weeks I’ve been in a near-perpetual state of ‘BIC HOK’ (that’s bum in chair, hands on keyboard, as Howard Taylor puts it). While my social interaction has dropped to almost zero as a result, the upside is my productivity is through the roof. I’ve already made a sizeable dent in the second draft of my next book, laying down pages of groundwork for setting, character, conflict, subplots, foreshadowing and all that fun stuff.

So that’s the reason it’s been so quiet around here lately. (If you want to keep updated on my progress, you can check out the fancy progress bars I added to the sidebar and current projects page).

Since I’ve been so busy lately, here’s a sample of some of the writing music I’ve been listening to, posted in the hopes it might inspire some of you with your own writing.

Photo by jeff_golden licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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