Forged In The Dawn, Free This Weekend

Looking for a free book to try? My novel Forged in the Dawn is currently free this weekend on Amazon Kindle. You can pick up your free copy here, for free.

forged_in_the_dawn_cover_1562_2500Here’s what some people have been saying on the Amazon reviews:

“This is a different kind of post-apocalyptic story; character driven, well-paced and with a style of writing reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. I can thoroughly recommend.”

“The author’s strong narrative prose paints a vivid image of the post-apocalyptic world he has created, and brings his characters to life in a way that pulls you into their trials and triumphs, and makes you feel their emotions keenly.”

“The book is fast paced, and the story is gripping – meaning it’s often a hard book to put down! A fantastic read, and highly recommended.”

I hope you enjoy the free book, and if you give it a read then please feel free to leave an honest review on Amazon to let me know what you thought. If you would like to know a bit more about my writing, you can check out the ten things I learned writing a novel, discover the inspirations behind the book, or read about my decision to self-publish. You can also follow my progress writing the sequel on my current projects page.

(Side note: Isn’t it weird when you repeat a word too many times and it starts to look made-up? Freeeeeeeeee).

Forged in the Dawn Copyright © 2016 Gavin Zanker

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