What I’m Working On Now

What I’m Working On Now

After releasing my latest book a couple of weeks ago, I decided to waste no time and dive straight into a new project. Having written two post-apocalyptic books now, and growing slightly bored of the genre, I knew that I wanted to be writing something different while still keeping within the bounds of science fiction.

So after some deliberation and scanning of Amazon’s categories, I settled on trying my hand at a space western, but with an English slant (Tudor to be precise, but I’m still working out the finer details). I don’t want to give away anything while I’m still locking down the first draft, but it feels fresh, it’s fun to write, and it’s exactly what I needed after getting stuck in a creative rut.

Tentatively named ‘Crawlers,’ it’s a story I’ve been getting more excited about as I gradually pieced it together over the last few months. I would open up the document and add ideas, dialogue, characters, whatever I thought might fit well in the story. Eventually I realised I had enough material there to shape into a novel and it took no small amount of willpower to stop myself from starting the project while I was still finishing off my last book. But with the words of Neil Gaiman echoing around my head, ‘Write only takes you so far, finish things takes you most of the rest of the way,’ I kept my head down and powered through.

With painful memories of slogging over the many drafts of my first novel for months at a time, my goal with each new book I write is to finish it faster than the previous one (as well as improve the quality of my writing, obviously). It seems to be working out well for me, as this is my quickest work to date; I’m already most of the way through my first draft, and it should take no more than a week to finish it up. Then begins the editing – the process of shovelling all that word sludge into something that resembles a coherent story.

So that’s just a quick update from me. There’s still a lot of work ahead, so time to roll up my sleeves and get back to the writing.

“TheFaulknerPortable” image by Wikimedia Commons licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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