Game of Thrones – Evoking Emotion In Storytelling

Game of Thrones - Evoking Emotion In Storytelling

Evoking emotion in a story is not an easy thing to achieve. To be done successfully, it requires knowledge of many basics of storytelling: constructing a scene, transitioning of narrative values, and often how to use people’s knowledge of stories against them. These are things that writers never stop learning and trying to improve upon.

The ever-popular Game of Thrones is a masterclass in all of these fundamentals, as this video from ‘Lessons from the Screenplay’ shows, using the popular Battle of the Bastards as a case study. If you’re looking to improve your writing skill, or maybe just want to understand how Game of Thrones manages to make you shudder with excitement and dread alike, I highly recommend taking a look. It’ll make you appreciate the skill that goes into making Game of Thrones such a powerful story.

In more personal, non-Game of Thrones news, I just finished the first draft of my current project Crawlers, and now it’s time to start editing the word sludge into something worth reading. It’s a relief to have the worst draft down on paper; it’s always painful to force yourself to write badly, but unfortunately it’s pretty much essential to finish something as large as a novel. Speaking from personal experience, if you stop to edit every mistake as you go, you end up stuck polishing pebbles in editing hell for months at a time.

Also, I’ve permanently reduced the price of my first book ‘Forged in the Dawn‘ to $0.99. Hopefully this’ll encourage more people to take a chance on a new series, especially now I’ve released a follow-up. I still plan to write the third and final book in the series later this year. By then I’ll consider setting up some paperbacks for sale. Kindles are fantastic, but nothing beats the feel of holding a physical book in your hands.

“emotions” image by TelmaSDS licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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