Switching Books And Finishing A Trilogy

After spending last weekend in Cromer, mostly enjoying the peace and quiet on the beach, I came back with my creative batteries recharged and ready to write. Unfortunately, getting some distance from the second draft of my novel, Crawlers, made me realise there were some pretty big problems with the story. Rather than try and fix the issues now, I’ve decided to put the manuscript aside for a bit and instead finish Zenith Rising, the last book in my apocalyptic Fielding Series.

I’ve had the book planned out for years now, and it’s way past time to wrap up the trilogy. From three act structure and the hero’s journey to dialogue and character development, I cut my teeth as a writer working on these books. I learned more than I could possibly have guessed starting out, and I’m looking forward to finishing the series and moving onto exciting new projects as a better writer.

I’m planning to finish Zenith Rising before the end of the year. It shouldn’t be too hard (hah, I always say that) since I have 90% of the book planned out already. So if it’s quiet around here, it’s because I’m putting in the time to write and release a book in two months. I’m making an effort not to completely fall off the radar, so I’ve been a bit more active over on twitter lately. If you want to follow my ramblings over there you can find me @GavinZanker.

In other news, here are a few things I liked today:

Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials, dishes out some of his rules of writing (http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41670890)

Bill Burr on The Tim Ferris show explaining how he knew he made it (https://twitter.com/tferriss/status/921014548546641920)

Robert Webb’s “How Not To Be A Boy” which I started on the train the other day. It had me laughing out loud like a pillock. Especially loved the metaphors he throws around. (https://twitter.com/arobertwebb/status/840183569066655747)

Zenith Rising image designed by Gavin Zanker using licensed copyright imagery.

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