Forged in the Dawn

The Fielding Series Book 1

Driven by unforgettable characters and adrenaline-fuelled action, this is a post-apocalyptic adventure that you won’t be able to put down.

Solace Within

The Fielding Series Book 2

While exploring a long-sealed bunker, the intrepid loner Aiden Fielding uncovers a strange artefact, setting off a catastrophic chain of events.

Zenith Rising

The Fielding Series Book 3

An awakened threat emerges, wresting control of the last city and enforcing a twisted vision of the future, leading to a rebellion of improbable allies.

A Funeral of Feuds

A Standalone Novella

With healthy doses of irony and fatalism, A Funeral of Feuds offers an entertaining story with laugh-out-loud moments that’s sure to go down well with anyone fond of British humour.

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