Solace Within

In a wasteland where empathy gets you killed, what does it mean to be human?

While exploring a long-sealed bunker, the intrepid loner Aiden Fielding uncovers a strange artefact, setting off a catastrophic chain of events.

He is befriended by Leigh, a spirited young girl whose optimism and naivety creates perilous friction for both of them. Through whisperings of the unleashed power, Aiden soon draws the attention of dangerous figures from his past – those who would see the world in ruins to possess what he unwillingly holds. Can the unlikely pair solve the mystery of the artefact before the encircling threat spirals beyond their control and destroys everything they’ve ever known?

The second book in the Fielding Series, Solace Within is a compelling, character-driven work of post-apocalyptic science fiction.

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