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Aiden’s journey continues in an exciting new chapter in the Fielding Series.

While exploring a sealed bunker, the practical loner Aiden Fielding uncovers a strange artefact, setting off a chain of events that leave him holding the fate of the future in his grasp.

Both him and his faithful border collie are soon befriended by Leigh, a spirited young girl whose optimism and naivety creates perilous friction. On their travels, they draw the attention of forgotten figures from Aiden’s past; powerful and vicious, they desire the artefact for their own ends and will go to great lengths to possess it. Can Aiden and Leigh solve the mystery of the powerful artefact before the encircling threat spirals beyond their control?

Solace Within is an affecting, fast-paced post-apocalyptic adventure that follows Aiden on a quest of danger and intrigue as his world-weary soul struggles to reconnect with humanity.





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