The Fielding Series

Forged in the Dawn

A canyon city. A fallen society. A survivor driven to discover the truth.

After his wife’s mysterious disappearance, Aiden Fielding sets out on a treacherous journey into the shattered remnants of civilisation.

Alone, desperate, and crippled by guilt, he faces imprisonment in the criminal underbelly of a rotten city. Caught in a violent bid for survival where basic supplies are paid for in blood, he must evade corrupt police, murderous inmates, and a secretive cult watching from the shadows. But escape is only the beginning – deep in the ruthless wasteland, primal forces lie in wait. When the time comes, how much will Aiden sacrifice in order to learn the truth?

The first book in the Fielding Series, Forged in the Dawn is a fast-paced, absorbing work of post-apocalyptic science fiction.

“This is a different kind of post-apocalyptic story; character driven, well-paced and with a style of writing reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. I can thoroughly recommend.”

– review

Solace Within

In a wasteland where empathy gets you killed, what does it mean to be human?

While exploring a long-sealed bunker, the intrepid loner Aiden Fielding uncovers a strange artefact, setting off a catastrophic chain of events.

He is befriended by Leigh, a spirited young girl whose optimism and naivety creates perilous friction for both of them. Through whisperings of the unleashed power, Aiden soon draws the attention of dangerous figures from his past – those who would see the world in ruins to possess what he unwillingly holds. Can the unlikely pair solve the mystery of the artefact before the encircling threat spirals beyond their control and destroys everything they’ve ever known?

The second book in the Fielding Series, Solace Within is a compelling, character-driven work of post-apocalyptic science fiction.

Zenith Rising

A malevolent force looms on the horizon, threatening an end to humanity.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Aiden revives the search for his long-missing wife, but soon finds himself needing the help of both old enemies and new friends.

An awakened threat emerges, wresting control of the last city and enforcing a twisted vision of the future, leading to a rebellion of improbable allies. Faced with hidden agendas, explosive sabotage, and an expedition that disturbs a horrifying adversary, Aiden will need more than just cunning to survive. Will he have the strength to discover the truth that has evaded him for years, or will his single-mindedness lead the last of humanity to ruin?

Buy Zenith Rising, the third and final book in the Fielding Series, where suspense, betrayal, and intrigue collide in this climactic, action-packed work of post-apocalyptic science fiction.

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