Zenith Rising

A malevolent force looms on the horizon, threatening an end to humanity.

Armed with newfound knowledge, Aiden revives the search for his long-missing wife, but soon finds himself needing the help of both old enemies and new friends.

An awakened threat emerges, wresting control of the last city and enforcing a twisted vision of the future, leading to a rebellion of improbable allies. Faced with hidden agendas, explosive sabotage, and an expedition that disturbs a horrifying adversary, Aiden will need more than just cunning to survive. Will he have the strength to discover the truth that has evaded him for years, or will his single-mindedness lead the last of humanity to ruin?

Buy Zenith Rising, the third and final book in the Fielding Series, where suspense, betrayal, and intrigue collide in this climactic, action-packed work of post-apocalyptic science fiction.

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