These titles are my planned releases for the future. I keep this page updated regularly, so you can follow progress on my books here. 

Zenith Rising, Book 3 in The Fielding Series cover

Zenith Rising, Book 3 in The Fielding Series

Final book in the trilogy, immediately following on from the conclusion of the second book, Solace Within. Mysterious events finally come to an explosive conclusion in the city of The Rim, and Aiden is forced to join an unlikely alliance with old enemies in his quest for answers.

90 %

Current Status: Proofread. Planned Release: Q4 2018


Blank book coverCrawlers

A space-western science fiction novel: a desert planet plagued by storms, a group journeying across the surface in a giant wheeled machine to find the source, and a crew that aren’t who they pretend to be.

50 %

Current Status: Second Draft.


Blank book coverStories From Ashmourne (Novella Series)

A series of novellas/short stories, all set within the same universe. Planned to be released monthly as easy to read collections, each tied together by a different theme.

75 %

Current Status: Planning.