A New Approach To Writing In A Culture Of Distraction

Internet algorithms used on places like Amazon, Youtube, and Google always favour new content from active creators. The more eyeballs you get on your content, the more visible it’ll become, whether that’s placing it higher up in searches or featuring it in suggestions more often. It’s a system designed to reward good content, and it …

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National Novel Writing Month 2016

We all have incredible stories knocking around our heads. They often bounce around up there for years, slowly fermenting into world-shattering epics, terror-inducing horror shows, and enduring tales of human connection. For most people, that’s where they stay, never leaving the shadowy recesses of their minds. But wouldn’t it be great if you turned that …

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2016 Brandon Sanderson Lectures

Brandon Sanderson, best known for his Mistborn series, teaches a creative writing class at Brigham Young University every year. I stumbled over videos of some of these old lectures, and while the quality of the recordings was hit-and-miss due to having been filmed as a student project, they helped me more than I could probably …

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