Burning The Old Drafts

After finishing my first book, I decided to start a new ritual: burning the old drafts. Not quite as cathartic as slapping a finished stamp on it and uploading it to the kindle store, and seeing hundreds of hours of work going up in flames did leave me feeling somewhat bittersweet, but in the end …

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Plans For The Future

My novel has finally been released – unleash the army of puppies and cue champagne falling from the heavens! (I’m not usually one to bandy around exclamation points, but I think I’ve earned that particular one). If you have any interest in post-apocalyptic fiction, or are looking for a story that explores some darker themes …

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Forged In The Dawn Released

Forged in the Dawn, a post-apocalyptic thriller, is now available on the Amazon Kindle store. You can point your eyeballs at the store page here. FORGED IN THE DAWN Aiden Fielding’s peaceful life is devastated when one day his wife disappears, leaving behind only a bloody knife and signs of a struggle. Vowing vengeance on …

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