The Duluth Model

The fight had been going on across the street for over an hour. The woman screeched on and on – pitch so high, it pierced my brain and I couldn’t sleep. A man’s voice rumbled out whenever she stopped to breathe, vibrating through the foundations. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but they …

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Streets of Madrid

The window was propped open to pull in the night along with the moths. I lay slumped in the chair thinking of the streets in Madrid. How anyone endured the suffocating air and rooms that dripped sweat I could not understand. It’s not so bad, she said, blowing her hair out of her face. I …

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The Nocturnal Town

The night so unbearable to the comfortable and rich but home to more life and more reality than the daylight hours, when the unthinking emerge to crawl in their masses. On the suburban roads the animals explore to the drone of distant motorways, and in town the drunks band together sharing the noise and violence …

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