Amazon’s New Bookshop

Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar bookshop and it’s drawn quite a bit of attention lately. An interesting read here tells of how someone let slip that the company planned to open 300-400 more bookshops, but then later retracted their statement. So who knows what Amazon are up to. The company that essentially killed brick-and-mortar bookshops now …

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Amazon’s Corrupt Review System

With ebooks making up an estimated 30% of all book sales these days and the barrier of entry to self-publishing being so low, it’s hardly surprising that competition has driven people to pay for any edge they can get in the market. Planning to self-publish on Amazon myself in the near future, I often find …

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My Goodreads Account

I finally got around to setting up my Goodreads account. So if you have any interest in what I’m reading or any of my book reviews (which I’ll gradually start building up over there), that’s now a thing. I also stuck a widget in the sidebar on the right here which should update with what …

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