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The Power Of Editing: Passengers, Rearranged

I recently came across a video essay from Nerdwriter that asks the question ‘is it possible to make Passengers better with some minor changes?’ If you weren’t aware, Passengers is a 2016 sci-fi film about a spacecraft transporting thousands of people when a malfunction in its sleep chambers awakens two passengers 90 years early. It’s …

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Another New Year

So the first day of the new year has arrived. I hope you all have a good one and find the motivation to work towards achieving that thing that you’ve been putting off for far too long. You can do it, just ask Shia Labeouf. I’m planning to publish my first book sometime in the …

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Space Flight in Science Fiction

I just read an article on space flight and how laughably it is portrayed in fiction. It’s interesting to read about how flying without a point of reference causes illusions and disorientation, and how pilots are trained to ignore every feeling in their body and instead rely on their instruments. A far cry from how …

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