The White Dress

As rain streams down the windscreens of passing cars, the white dress still flails against the gutter. Torn and faded, smeared with mud, it still tries to pull itself up as the world bears down. Once loved with innocence it’s now forgotten, lost, and left to weather the storm alone. © 2016, Gavin Zanker. Photo …

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Storms And Plot Points

As Storm Desmond lashed the UK earlier this week, I spent most of my time wrapped up in a sleeping bag trying to fight off illness. As a result work has been slow going this month. I recently came across an article on narrative structure which solved a problem I didn’t realise I had. The …

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Formless Storm

The horizon hides, veiled behind pallid grey, and the air clings heavy with moisture. As the sharp wind rises the house groans, bracing for the impending conflict. No shadows remain as the world becomes imbued with gloom. A door slams in the distance. Only the adventurous and the cracked are left outside now as the …

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